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Setup cost of ecommerce website in india.

This is the first question a non tech founder has in mind before starting his e-commerce journey. I will explain all the cost for making a website and break some myths.

The cost of ecommerce website could be divided in 3 parts

1. Setup Costs

Setup cost depends a lot on your requirement Like product category, number of products, Customisation requirement, premium themes, features needed. Developer may charge you anywhere between 50k to 5lacs. Custom coded websites have a very high maintenance costs attached and generally the developer who has built the website can only maintain it. It is always tough and time consuming to make changes on a custom coded website. If you don’t have a very special requirement then always avoid custom coded websites. 

The best way these days to built an ecommerce website is using some cart platforms like Shopify,Woocommerce, Wix, Squarespace, Gigcommerce etc. Almost 90% and above ecommerce website run on these platforms worldwide. These platforms are easy to build and have varies setup costs according to your budget and requirement. SOme platforms may require few weeks and a few could build your complete store in just a matter of days too. 

2. Recurring charges

After building a website there are several recurring charges starting with Hosting, SSL Certificate, CDN, Platform Subscription Fee, Transaction Fee, Paid Plugins etc. It is important to choose the right platform before you start building your website since it could be difficult and complex to change your platform once you have made your website live. There are costs attached and a possible loss of data & business disruption in case you want to migrate your website to any other platform.

3. Maintenance Costs

Every site needs regular maintenance and upgradation. Cloud platforms do this automatically and safely. Periodic costs of maintenance could sometimes burn a hole in your pocket. Do consider the time and frequency of upgradation and check if your platform is regularly upgrading itself to the ever-changing digital world. If you choose the right platform you can save a lot of money on maintenance and upgradation.


  • Website can be made only by a developer.
  • You need to be technically sound person to setup & maintain an ecommerce website.
  • Static websites are cheaper than Ecommerce Website.
  • Only Custom coded websites have all features I need.
  • I have to pay different charges to different companies for my website.
  • A developer can create any feature in my website I want.
  • Its difficult for me to maintain website.

Consider all above points before you choose a platform to start your Journey. A website is the founding pillar of your business and the first point of connection between your brand and the customer.

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